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Medical/Surgical supplies for surgeons with in-office ORs.

After nine months of courting and negotiations, we have recently secured a med/surg supply contract with Cardinal Health that will brings Aggregated ASC Pricing to MRN plastic surgeons with on-site Accredited General Anesthesia based Operating Rooms (ORs) as well as access to custom surgery packs to those who choose to do their cases in a community Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Currently, if you have an office based OR you are most likely purchasing your OR supplies at Physician Office price levels, which is the highest priced tier. Our Aggregated ASC Pricing now allows you to purchase your OR supplies at the same price level or better than your typical multi-Operating Room multi-specialty ASCs in your community!

As an MRN Member, the Cardinal Health ASC Contract brings you many benefits that also include these three opportunities:

1) Deep Discounts – Aggregated Pricing on OR supplies

2) Convenience – Customized surgery packs for all aesthetic surgery types such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

3) Complementary access to Cardinal Health’s on-site ASC Clinical Assessment Team that focuses on process improvements and safety standards, evaluation of current procedure supply efficiency, and cost savings initiatives. For Plastic Surgeons who perform their cases at a community ASC, we have found that many of these ASCs will generally allow you to order-in the Cardinal Health Custom Surgery Packs.

Through our relationship with Purchase Clinic (aligned with HealthTrust / AdvantageTrust) one of the largest GPOs in the nation, you can achieve the lowest pricing levels in the industry with our Cardinal Health ASC Contract. To allow Purchase Clinic to provide you with a free cost-analysis, opt in at today! Once they receive your submission, they WILL NOT enroll you until you’ve received your cost-analysis and have agreed to move forward with the Cardinal pricing program. Contact us today for more information.

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