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Have you heard of the Employee Retention Credit Program? The ERC is a part of the CARES Act, which is available to all eligible businesses that employ 500 or fewer W-2 employees.

What does this mean for you? Most likely, you are eligible for $5,000 or more in cash for every full-time W-2 employee you retained during the pandemic. This is not a loan, and you can spend the money any way you want. Here’s a quick video where I’ve provided more detail about this wonderful program and Sheridan Wealth Advisors (SWA), a proven ERC advisory that we’ve partnered with that has helped over 1,900 clients file ERC claims in the last 18 months.

Sheridan Wealth Advisors will help you get substantial funds if you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit. They are already getting results for our members, including a 200-employee dermatology practice that’s about to receive a $2 Million credit! We also have a med spa that just received IRS notification they will be receiving over $1.2 Million.

Need a new device? Your ERC benefit could pay for it. We interviewed over a dozen advisories to find the right fit for MRN members and chose SWA. Marc Sheridan and his team are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced ERC advisors in the country! Here’s a short video from Marc with some information about ERC.

Interested in this program? We thought you might be! Watch the video, and then set up a call with SWA. If you qualify, the funds are distributed directly from the federal government.

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ERC Benefits for MedResults Network Members