SeruGlow MD

$25 off stamper kits, $30 off serum vial kits, and more!

SeruGlow MD by Suneva Medical

SeruGlow MD, by Suneva Medical, is an innovative micro infusion system that gives the practitioner the ability to rejuvenate the overall appearance of the skin. With 20 small needles contained in the needle head, each being 0.13mm in diameter, practitioners can provide an effective infusion with a more comfortable treatment rejuvenation experience!

Members receive $25 off stamper kits (list is $700) and $30 off serum vial kits (list is $625), plus an automated eBlast campaign!

Special savings are also available on your combined purchase of SeruGlow MD with a Plasma IQ system!

Upcoming Webinar

Delivering Custom Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation with SeruGlow

Join Suneva Medical and Kimber Arnold, LVN as we host an exclusive roundtable on the latest regenerative treatments using SeruGlow. This invitation only roundtable is an opportunity for providers to learn more about how they can bring innovative SeruGlow aesthetics treatments into their practices. This webinar will feature a Live Demonstration as well!

Kimber Arnold, LVN is an expert cosmetic injector with 9 years of experience. She works for Cincinnati Plastic Surgery and travels the country as an Aesthetic Clinical Educator. As well as focusing her skills on SeruGlow and Silhouette Instalift threads, she truly values the importance of Regenerative Aesthetics in this exciting industry. Twice awarded the BellaDiamond Injector status.

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$25 off stamper kits, $30 off serum vial kits, and more!