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Vendor Details Podium is changing the way local business gets done. Whether it’s texting the leads from your website, sending a promotional text, or getting reviews and actionable feedback to improve your business, Podium is here to handle every client interaction, all in one powerful inbox. No more phone tag or unanswered emails; Podium powers …

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2017 #SkinGoals

  Here’s What Beauty Consumers Want in 2017 Each year, beauty consumers evolve; and each year the beauty industry adjusts accordingly. MedResults Partner Stemology Skincare, makers of the first and only all-natural and intelligently organic anti-aging skincare line utilizing the power of stem cell technology, has dubbed these annual “trends” #SkinGoals. So, what are consumers’ …

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Layering Serum Products

Are More Products Really More Effective? An Interview with Dr. Hal Simeroth, Founder and Chief Technical Officer for Stemology Skincare As we know, not all products are created equal. Some products can be used in combination while others can give users a bad reaction when combined. With skincare products becoming increasingly more effective and potent, …

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Stemology Becomes Official Partner of MedResults Network (MRN) After Successful Test Period

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOS ANGELES, CA – MedResults Network (MRN) announces official partnership with Stemology, the world’s first and only anti-aging skincare brand dedicated to providing all-natural, intelligently organic formulations through the emerging science of adult and plan stem cell technologies. The largest national buying group for aesthetic providers is officially launching the Stemology …

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Skincare Solutions For Fall Weather Changes

  Fall Into Beautiful Skin As the season changes, so does the skin, and therefore an updated skincare routine should be introduced. As summer turns to Fall, your clients will be enlisting your help in returning skin to its most even and brightest best!  So, let’s take a look at the most common skin changes …

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Sunglasses Prevent Grow's Feet

Can Wearing Sunglasses Help Prevent Crow’s Feet?

  Causes And Solutions For Eye Area Wrinkles Crow’s feet are the branching wrinkles on the outer corner of a person’s eye, which can abstractly resemble a bird’s footprint. Crow’s feet become more visible than other wrinkles because the skin around the eyes is much thinner. This thinner skin does not have the same structure …

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