Manufactured Semaglutide Product Program

Get 5mg/2mL Manufactured Semaglutide for $167*

Your practice will have access to this exclusive rate for manufactured Semaglutide through our latest vendor partner!

  • Guaranteed Inventory
  • Ships in 2 business days.** No cold shipping requirements
  • Manufactured by an FDA-approved manufacturer, NOT from a compounding pharmacy
  • $167 per 5mg/2mL vial (Includes shipping)
  • Eight-month BUD (Shelf Life)
  • No salts or additional peptides added
  • Non-billable NDC number
  • Unit measure: 5mg/2mL vial – 200 units
  • E-prescribe from your EMR or use the online order portal
  • Send individual prescriptions to your facility or directly to your patient’s residence
  • Bulk orders of 25 vials can be shipped to your facility*** $149/vial shipped
  • Buy-and-Bill set up with Provider

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Program Details

Manufactured Semaglutide Product

This Semaglutide is manufactured by an FDA-approved manufacturer. It is NOT made in a compounding pharmacy. This Manufactured Semaglutide is assigned a non-billable NDC number. This program is available to providers and patients in all states except West Virginia.

This product has an eight-month BUD (Beyond Use Date), non-billable NDC number, no salts or added peptides, and no cold shipping requirements. Unit Measure – 5mg/2mL vial (multiple use).

$167 all-in cost*

A prescription of Manufactured Semaglutide comes in a 5mg/2mL (2.5 mg/mL) multiple use vial for $167, including shipping to 49 states.*


The Manufactured Semaglutide program is a buy-and-bill program for physician offices and med spas. Providers prescribe Manufactured Semaglutide for each patient. Once the prescription is filled, a practice and/or med spa will be billed for the prescription.

The Pharmacy Hub

Members will be able to order product through our Distribution Partner, The Pharmacy Hub. The Pharmacy Hub will handle all product kit logistics, billing and shipping through their state-of-the-art distribution facilities. Although The Pharmacy Hub is a 503A pharmacy, they receive this manufactured Semaglutide product from an external, FDA-approved manufacturer. The Pharmacy Hub is LegitScript certified and Surescripts certified.

Bulk orders

If your facility is in a Bulk Order eligible state and your order is a Bulk Order, your all-in cost will be $149 per prescription. A Bulk Order is 25 vials. Current Bulk Order Delivery States: AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MS, NC, NJ, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, WI.


The Pharmacy Hub offers 2nd Day UPS Shipping, and there are no cold shipping requirements. A provider can get product to a clinic or patient quickly. If a provider prescribes a product by 4:00PM EST Monday through Wednesday, a patient or provider’s facility will receive product in two (2) business days. Thursday and Friday prescriptions will be delivered Monday or Tuesday the following week. Weather and holidays can affect delivery times and dates. A practice/provider must be registered with an account before any prescriptions can be filled.

Setting up an Account

Whether you are a Provider, Clinic, or Med Spa, we require that you register an account by filling out an Onboarding Document (this can be found here). A completed onboarding document is required prior to prescribing this Manufactured Semaglutide product. This is the only way you will be able to prescribe and order the Manufactured Semaglutide Product. Processing your account application can take up to 2 business days. Once your application is processed, you will receive a welcome email from The Pharmacy Hub with your account and support information, as well as an instructional video for online ordering through their DispensePro site (if you do not have e-scribing capabilities through an EHR/EMR).

Prescribing Process

When prescribing, you will need to provide the following for your Semaglutide order:

  • Semaglutide 2.5mg/mL (2mL vial)
  • EasyTouch Insulin Syringe 1ML/Syringe and Needle, Insulin, 1ML (package of 10 syringes)
  • Alcohol Prep Pads (package of 10 pads)
Additional instructions:
  • E-prescribing: Providers with e-prescribing capabilities through their EHR/EMR will be able to prescribe Manufactured Semaglutide. Your E-prescribing application will have The Pharmacy Hub listed as an eligible pharmacy either by Name (The Pharmacy Hub) or Phone Number (305-731-2318).
  • Online Prescribing & Account Portal: The Pharmacy Hub has DispensePro for your online ordering and portal if you do not e-scribe from your EHR/EMR. You will be sent a username, password and tutorial video on how to prescribe. This portal allows for script and patient tracking of orders.
  • Individual Script Destination Options: Through both E-prescribing and the Online Prescribing Portal, a patient prescription can be sent to the patient’s residence or to your facility. You have complete control of this.

Billing & Reporting

As previously mentioned, this is a Buy-and-Bill program. Your practice or med spa will be responsible for payment of each Manufactured Semaglutide script. As you generate and send a prescription, The Pharmacy Hub will process the credit card on file associated with your account once a prescription is received. As the charge on the card clears, the prescription immediately goes to fulfillment and is shipped to 49 states.  

*Due to state regulations, this program is not available to providers and patients residing in West Virginia.

**For 2-Day Shipping, order must be placed by 4:00PM EST

***Bulk Order Delivery States: AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MS, NC, NJ, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, WI

 Contact Us: If you have any questions, please call 562-296-5655 or email us at

Get Your Onboarding Document

Start getting your account set up by downloading the onboarding document today! May take up to 2 business days to get your practice registered.