Sample High-Volume Network

Members have access to deep discounts and rebates on thousands of products and services!

Approximately 10% of our buying group Members are recognized as High-Volume Accounts by each of the seven cosmetic injectable manufacturers in the U.S.A.


You are one of them.

Why Participate in the High-Volume Network??

Brand Agnostic/Provider Compliant Patient Segment Growing

We’ve been told by Members that 20% to 30% of their patient base is “Injectable Naive” or “Provider Compliant”. This patient segment is growing and has created a greater sensitivity to injectable material costs and brand loyalty.

Big, But Yet Too Small

Members know they may be among the largest accounts in their market and account portfolio of their rep(s), but as a single local account in a national market, they may not have the volume to get the National Account status for more favorable pricing and terms.

Supply Increases, Demand Increases, but Suppressed Treatment Prices

Injectable material prices keep increasing, but treatment prices to the Patient remain flat because of increased provider supply.

Loyalty Tier Locked

Members spend enough to remain in the Top Loyalty Tiers of only ONE Brand, but have a willingness to try other brands if they can receive good pricing and not risk their current tier status.

It is imperative for us to gauge the interest level of our High-Volume Members in regards to potential participation in the program. Please indicate your interest, not your obligation, in participating in national contracts to receive pricing lower than what you are most likely receiving with the added benefit of education/training that we know you are not receiving.  We are inviting all seven injectable manufacturers to participate in this program.

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