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Do it yourself by uploading your documents to our secure portal. After we receive your documents, we’ll get back to you in about a week with the exact amount of your ERC benefit.

Documents to upload

  1. Gross Revenue for Q1 2019 through Q3 2021 by quarter
    • In the same basis (accrual or cash) as your tax return is filed in
    • If any PPP funds were received– they are not considered revenue and should not be included in this calculation
  2. Form 941’s for Q1 2020 through Q3 2021
  3. Payroll for Q1 2020 through Q3 2021, by employee, by quarter
  4. PPP Forgiveness Application (if applicable) — must contain the amount of the loan and the covered period
  5. Majority owner (50.1%) of the business and any related person on payroll (i.e. Spouse)
    • A married couple that owns 50% each is considered a majority owner
  6. Affiliate information: Does your company own, or is it owned or affiliated with, any other company / entity?
If you have questions or would like to speak to one of our Directors, please use the calendar to schedule a call.