Worker Classification

Human Resources: Are you classifying your employees correctly?

There are a number of ‘employee classifications’ as summarized below. Bear in mind that we often refer erroneously to 1099’s or independent contractors as employees or a class of employees which they are not! As their name suggests – they are independent contractors not employees and this distinction is critically important to you.

Word of Mouth Marketing

We’ve all been consumed by all of the new digital mediums our society has to offer these days. What happened to the “good old days” where you shared your experiences over a cup of coffee with a friend!?

Let’s take a step back and return to the number one way to share your information: WOM.

That’s right; Word-of-mouth-marketing.

Mystery Shops Tell All: Top 5 Mistakes at Your Front Desk

  Since we launched our premier educational and social platform, MedResults Network PLUS, we’ve received tons of requests to perform “Mystery Shops” for our members. As one of the free services we offer to new members, our staff has devoted hours to anonymously calling members and speaking to their front desk employees. The number one …

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