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Volumetric Pricing Program Now Available for MRN Members

Through our partnership with Altman Aesthetic Center (AAC), MRN Members can now access the Volumetric Pricing Program, offering Merz Aesthetics products at deeply discounted rates.

This program provides you with outstanding discounts when you order at least $5,000 of Merz products for each order. The tiers in this program are as follows: 

  • Elite: $5,000 spend per order 
  • Elite+: $10,000 spend per order
  • VIP: $15,000 spend per order 

Your minimum spend, after the discount, must meet the threshold for each tier to qualify for the discount. E.g. if you are only ordering Belotero Balance (+), you would need to order 18 units. The list price is $329/unit, making your order at list price $5,922 and your total order $5,033.70 to be eligible for the discount.

  1. Complete ALL fields in the order form with your practice and payment information (page 1) and order information (pages 2-3). Please Note: processing of your order will be delayed if any fields are left blank.
  2. Save your completed form and submit your form by uploading it to MedResults Network via

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