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The Problem

Gales Shoes in Black Grey White and BlueThe physical demands of a healthcare worker’s job are obvious, but when you combine that with how much time they spend on their feet, it makes finding the right footwear an absolute necessity. 

The reality is, healthcare workers are often too busy to focus on the pain or fatigue occurring in their feet and legs. It’s not until the end of their shifts that foot soreness, swelling and discomfort really sets in. Having to deal with any form of pain, whether short term or long term, can have detrimental effects on their ability to do their job, not to mention their morale and overall happiness at work. 

The right footwear can make all the difference and ensure that neither pain nor discomfort ever affect a worker’s ability to show up to work and get their job done to a high standard. A good shoe can even help a healthcare worker maintain a correct posture which can prevent back problems. 

Outside of comfort, healthcare staff need footwear that doesn’t absorb infectious fluids and disease in order to protect them physically and give them peace of mind knowing they aren’t tracking spreading infection back into their own homes. 

The Solution

MedResults is proud to welcome Gales® Smart PPE Footwear

Gales® are the first Smart PPE Footwear® crowdsource designed in collaboration with healthcare workers from around the country. They promote all-day comfort thanks to their custom, machine washable Ortholite® insoles that deliver long-term arch support. Gales® also offer protection from infection thanks to their antimicrobial outer layer. Their slip-resistant, featherlight design has a “soft touch” feel thanks to the XL Extralight® technology that is 3x lighter than comparable materials. 

Gales®’ sleek and minimalist aesthetic makes them easy to slip on and off, and the no-lace design mitigates the need to stop for multiple lace ties throughout the day. They can be wiped clean and fully dry in a matter of seconds, and their Ortholite®  insoles are machine washable, and always retain their performance benefits after every wash. To put it simply, Gales® are super low-maintenance but deliver next-level comfort-promoting features. 

Available in a range of full and half sizes for both men and women, Gales® come in 6 colorways: black, white, navy, gray, mint and lavender.

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MedResults is proud to welcome Gales® Smart PPE Footwear

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