Summer Skincare Switch Up


What Products Patients Should Keep, Add, Trade or Toss

All informed beauty experts know that a season change means a skincare routine change for your patients. With summer just around the corner, we’re sharing our thoughts on which skincare products to instruct patients to keep in their routine, add to their routine, trade out for the season, or toss all together.


Instruct your patients to trade out their hydrating cleanser for a less hydrating foaming or gel cleanser. Dry winter months are behind us, so they can move on to a lighter cleanser. They should look for one that has antibacterial ingredients, like NanoSilver, to help avoid any breakouts from summer sweat and environmental pollutants, which tend to be heavier in the warmer months.


Patients should keep toner in their daily skincare routine. In summer, just as in the other seasons, skin needs a  “helper” to normalize pH levels and prepare it to receive corrective actives from targeted treatment products. Instruct your patients to continue toning morning and night after cleansing, using a gel toner to ensure ocular safety.  And they should go easy on the misting sprays as typically, those contain mostly water, which only dehydrates skin further.

Facial Serum

We recommended patients keep or trade out their facial serum, depending on what serum they are currently using. If the facial serum treats multiple skin concerns, like our Cell Revive Serum Complete, then patients can continue using it throughout all the seasons. However, if your patient tends to experience increased sun damage, such as sunspots and hyperpigmentation during summer months, recommend they switch out their winter serum for a Brightening Serum to help keep skin tone even and their complexion glowing.

Eye Serum

Recommend patients keep their eye serum year round. The eyes are the first place to show aging (along with the hands!) – via wrinkles, dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness – and eye serums and creams are specifically formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes. Instruct your patients to look for a complete formulation that addresses all aspects of eye care to erase the signs of aging without endangering the fragile, sensitive skin of the orbital eye area.


Patients should be instructed to trade out their heavier winter moisturizer for a lighter summer one. Using a moisturizer that is too hydrating during the hot summer months can make skin feel sticky or slimy, and can contribute to unsightly breakouts.  Have your patients switch to a lighter moisturizer or lotion that lightly hydrates skin and absorbs easily.


Toss. Yes we said toss! The start of summer is the perfect time to recommend that your patients toss their old sunscreens and buy new ones. Sunscreen shelf life varies depending on its ingredients. Have your patients check the date stamped on the packaging, instructing them to toss any products where the expiration date is hard to read, or if it’s been open for a year or more. For optimal sun protection as well as texture, sterility and stability, recommend they only use sunscreen prior to its expiration date as well.


We recommended patients keep up with their weekly masking, even during warmer months. In addition, if their skin is on the oilier side, during the summer months they may want to increase the number of times they use it to two or three times per week. Instruct your patients to look for a mask that contains natural and organic ingredients to keep skin healthy while exfoliating and deep-cleaning skin.


Recommend your patients add a gentle, natural scrub to their skincare routine if they haven’t been using one already. Time spent at the beach, pool or lake can make skin dry and dirtier than usual. Scrubs can gently slough off that top layer of dead skin and reveal the healthy glow while helping to clear pores of dirt and debris, staving off breakouts.

Contributed By: Lori Jacobus, Chief Marketing Officer for Stemology Skincare

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