Why Your Business is Like a Book and How to Make it a Best Seller

Every business has a STORY to tell.

In many cases, businesses do a good job telling a portion of their STORY. This portion should not be called “telling”. It should be called “selling”. What I mean is that most businesses have dialed in their STORY about their products and services. They know the benefits and attributes of these products and they know how to sell them. They also know how to tell their STORY about their company, including history, ownership, etc. Unfortunately, this portion of the STORY is the same as all of your competitors. Its just a matter of who can tell the “same old” STORY better.

Your business has a better STORY to write. This portion of the STORY focuses on the client experience that you provide. Does it really matter what you have to say about your business in your marketing? Does anyone go out and market and say “We are terrible, please come buy from us?” Of course not. All businesses market, as they should, that they are the best place to purchase their products and services. In today’s world this is simply NOT ENOUGH.

What really matters is what your customers, clients, patients are saying about you and the experience they had with your business. This STORY can be written in many ways using numerous Reputation Marketing tactics. You must get honest feedback from your customers, and in the end, this is the REAL STORY that you need to write about your business.

Think of this STORY that you have now developed in terms of a BOOK. It is a BOOK that tells what others are saying about your business. This BOOK is now the best marketing tool that you have. This BOOK tells those that read it why others do business with you. There is no better book that can be written!


I have never heard of a great BOOK that tells a great STORY that became a BEST SELLER unless it was actually published to the reading community. Have you? Just writing your reputation story by gathering reviews and feedback should indeed give you a great STORY. The real question is what are you going to do with it?

How are you going to publish that BOOK and MARKET that BOOK so that your BOOK can become a best seller? You must have a Reputation MARKETING process in place. 91% of consumers are looking online today before making a purchasing decision. 84% of consumers trust online reputation as much as personal referrals. These potential new consumers want to read your BOOK. You want them to read you BOOK! How are they going to find your BOOK? How are you going to publish your BOOK?

This is why your business is like a BOOK and why you must make it a BEST SELLER.

Contributed by Cary Greenberg, National Director of Sales and Operations for Digital Media Nation.

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