Beauty Trend: Multitasking Products


We Live in a 25/7 World

That’s not a typo. Living 24/7 is so last year. Consumers are now living in a twenty-five / seven world, striving to navigate a fast-paced life while achieving more in less time. The 25/7 movement, coined by WGSN trend forecasting, is about consumers trying to reclaim an extra hour a day in their lives to pause and relax. In the beauty industry, this translates into an increase in demand for multitasking products that will help consumers achieve more in their already time-squeezed lives.

In the past, multitasking beauty products were limited to lipstick that moisturized or a body wash/shampoo combination, in other words, products that didn’t show significant results or changes in the skin. However, today, thanks to improved technology, new ingredients, and cutting-edge formulations, using products that multitask does not mean you have to sacrifice efficacy for efficiency.

These efficacious and efficient 25/7 beauty solutions are real and available now!

Think serums that not only fight one or two signs of aging, but up to 12 signs of facial aging!

Think overnight moisturizers that exfoliate and hydrate, leaving skin looking better upon waking up than it did going to sleep.

Think daytime moisturizers that combine SPF, foundation, hydration and anti-aging properties, saving users time and money.

Think efficacious mask formulas that require less time on the face for increased tightening, lifting and cleansing results.

WGSN sites that consumers are now “prosumers” (professional consumers) who like to know more about their beauty products, the ingredients and what each product can do for them as they try to claw “me time” back from their time-pressured lives. A study published in SkinInc reported that 54% of women surveyed want skincare to be “all natural,” with 59% reporting that they read beauty product ingredient labels prior to purchase. So not only does the beauty industry need to take into consideration putting more multitasking products on the market, but also ensuring that they are natural and formulated with safe ingredients.

Stemology Skincare offers numerous multi-tasking skincare products utilizing natural ingredients and clinically proven formulas. Stemology’s Cell Revive Serum Complete is a breakthrough formula that addresses all the signs of facial aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity, firmness and tightness, skin tone, pore refinement, skin thickness, collagen, and free radical damage.

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*Contributed by Lori Jacobus, CMO of Stemology Skincare


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