Stem Cell Technology: Scary or a Revolutionary?

A Skincare Revolution is Coming to MedResults Network!

There is a lot of information – and misinformation – out there about stem cells in science, health and skincare. Much of it can make stem cells sound pretty scary. But truthfully there’s nothing scary about it. If anything, it’s revolutionary!

To understand why stem cell research is revolutionary, lets first discuss what stem cells are, and why they are important. Stem cells are cells with the ability to divide for indefinite periods in a culture and to give rise to specialized cells. These cells have the potential to develop into many different cell types in the body during early life and growth. Stem cell research is one of the most fascinating areas of science…and of the human body!

And to that end, stem cells have the ability of deliver powerful results in skincare, just as they do in medicine. Scientific and medical research conducted by Stemology Skincare supports the conclusion that stem cell derivatives, specifically skin cell cultured tissue combined with peptides, antioxidants, plant stem cells and ingredient “helpers”, provide a highly effective anti-aging skincare system that delivers real results.

Stemology Skincare, the world’s first and only skincare line to combine adult human stem cell technology with plant stem cell derivatives for an all-natural, intelligently organic, highly efficacious anti-aging product, is centered on the proprietary formulation StemCore-3™. Based on more than 20 years of stem cell research, the StemCore-3 formulation is revolutionary, and not at all scary! Here’s why:

  • Stemology skincare does not contain actual adult human stem cells nor plant stem cells, but rather the proteins and amino acids that the cells secrete.
  • There are no embryonic stem cells used in our laboratories or skincare. We maintain our commitment to only use adult human stem cell technology in our research and in the development of our products.
  • Stem cells rejuvenate. They trigger the production of new healthy cells in the human body based upon the particular organ cells each stem cell is “encoded” to stimulate. Stemology uses skin specific media.
  • Stem cells are our “natural” defense against deterioration of the body.
  • Stem cells operate in comparable ways. There are similarities in the way stem cells function in both plants and animals to sustain growth and repair tissues. To perform their functions, stem cells, unlike other cells, are able to produce copies of themselves over long periods of time.
  • The two key components in stem cells are growth factors and the production of collagen and elastic. When applied to the skin, these components help smooth wrinkles, firm skin by supporting collagen, abd slow the development of new lines.

At Stemology, we have created a method to produce a unique derivative of stem cell tissue that is safe for your skin. Our formulas are natural, non-pathogenic, ecologically friendly and free of all chemical additives and ethically formulated. So, with Stemology, you never have to be scared of stem cell technology. Instead, be proud that you are using a revolutionary formula that is ethical, responsible and effective!

Author: Dr. Hal Simeroth


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