Patients Without Patience

I recently read a very brief, but profound article on what would happen if patients billed physicians for the time they spent WAITING at the doctor’s office. While this initially sounded absurd, the statistics about how long the average patient waits for treatment, not to mention the time they spend traveling, truly shocked me. While these statistics were generally based around ambulatory care and non-aesthetic practices, I’m certain that this happens in every type of medical practice, aesthetic or otherwise.

While some medical spas are equipped to have patients wait in a comfortable lounge or secluded reception area (which takes the ‘sting’ off of waiting), the vast majority of aesthetic medical practices still require patients to wait along with those present for reimbursable consultations & treatments. While a patient may be satisfied with your care and/or the results of their treatments, the overall “waiting process” may be enough to make them consider a competitor…especially since aesthetic treatments are ‘out of pocket’ expenses.

Read this insightful article by Stewart Gandolff called “What if Patients Billed Doctors for Time Waiting to Be Seen?” I think you might look at the overall patient experience a little differently.

Jamie Parrott, President

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