Turning The Page To Non-Surgical Procedures


This past decade we have seen a major rise in demand for non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques. While many physicians and aesthetic medical practices have embraced the change, others have questioned, ‘why the sudden change in popularity for non-surgical vs surgical procedures’? Based on feedback from some of our surgeon members, we’ve discovered the following trends:

Limitless Customization: There are a range of new non-invasive products and techniques which provide similar and sometimes superior outcomes to surgery. Patients like to have options when determining how you’ll help them to achieve their appearance goals. If a patient tries a new product/treatment for the first time and is not satisfied with the results, a provider can refer them to a different product with very little risk. Improved technologies, products, and treatments are always emerging within the anti-aging arena.

Convenience: We understand that patients are busy with kids, demanding work schedules, and social lives. As a result, we can expect that aesthetic patients will want to achieve optimal results in the least time possible, and with limited downtime! Fillers and neurotoxins offer a simple alternative to surgery.

No Commitment: Today, patients research treatments and procedures more than ever, sometimes too much (cue webmd.com). They’ve discovered that the higher the risk involved with a procedure, the higher the chance of complication. As a result, patients are becoming less reluctant to commit to anything that is definite, especially where their appearance is concerned. Surgery is permanent. Non-surgical treatments generally have a finite duration which may be much more appealing to the patient that has concerns with the outcome. Overall, non-invasive alternatives give patients the opportunity to observe their results prior to making the leap to surgery.

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