Plan Your Event With Purpose

Six Steps to Success!

Planning an event for your aesthetic practice can be overwhelming. Besides developing a program for the event, coordinating speakers or demonstrations, and providing food, & beverages, you have to consider your overall budget and set measurable goals that will help you maximize your ROI. We’ve outlined the most important key points to assist you in planning the perfect party.

1) Identify and Define Your Goals.

Are you launching a new product? Are you trying to increase your brand awareness? By defining the purpose of your event, you can begin to set measurable goals to determine whether your event produces the results you desire.

2) Who? Where? When?

It is critical to define your target audience. If your goal is to promote a new product that appeals primarily to a certain demographic, you want to be sure you don’t waste valuable resources marketing to clients/patients who will have no interest or need for the product.  Consider where your event be held. While your aesthetic practice may be ideal, will it accommodate your expected number of guests? There is nothing worse than being at an event where there’s little room to move, socialize, or sit.  When do you plan on having your event? Depending on your demographic, timing can be the most important piece of the event ‘puzzle’. While many people tend to be away from work on the weekends, it’s important to remember that people value their free time. Some of the most successful events can be held during the lunch hour or after office hours.

3) Make Your Marketing VERY Clear.

Invites and promotions should entail the time, date, location, and most importantly a have a call to action. Advertise incentives on all your event materials. Give patients (and prospective ones) a reason to attend your event.

4) Ask for Help!

Your vendor reps are your most valuable resource when it comes to holding an event. They are always looking for ways to help you drive business (especially if their products or services are involved)!  Ask them to sponsor or support you with raffle prizes, food & beverages, and/or educational material.

5) Put On A Party!

When your guests walk through the door, they must automatically feel welcome and pampered. This is the perfect time to show off your stellar customer service! Offer your guests beverages and hors d’oeuvres and make a point to collect everyone’s information as they walk through the door. Before your guests leave, send them home with a ‘goodie’ bag to show them your appreciation—this is where you can include business cards, coupons, invitations to future events and samples from your product line.

6) Keep In Touch!

Don’t forget to follow up with each attendee to send them a personalized ‘Thank You’. Never underestimate the impact of a hand-written note!


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