6 Steps to Smash this Year’s Goals

Every New Year it seems that we’re pre-programmed to expect that the coming year will be better than the last. Much of that is based around the renewed sense thafireworkst we can start fresh with new ideas, exciting new plans, and revised goals.

In business and in our daily lives we strive to set measurable and achievable goals, but often find that many of our goals get put on the ‘back-burner’ in lieu of more pressing tasks or projects. As a result (and from personal experience), it’s easy to find yourself feeling stagnant when you come to the realization that another year is over and your goals have never come to fruition.

Tired of setting New Year’s goals with no actual resolution?

Kyle Chowning, expert marketer and consultant, presents an excellent method for successfully defining, planning, and achieving your goals. We liked his advice so much, we decided to share his article below! Whether for your aesthetic practice or your personal life, using Chowning’s six short steps will steer you down the path toward a more ‘rewarding’ New Year!


6 Steps to Smash this Year’s Goals

Monday, December 29, 2014

Article by: Kyle Chowning*

Achieving your new year goals doesn’t have to include finding a new trick or fad to assist. If you failed in the past, chances are your failures weren’t because your goals were unobtainable. Likely, your approach lacked some key ingredients to ensure success. How we set up our goals will determine whether we’re going to achieve them before we even start.


How we set up our goals will determine whether we’re going to achieve them before we even start.
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Because I write about and for marketers, I decided to put the Full Cycle Marketing model to the test and use it as a process to help me define, track and achieve my personal 2015 goals.

I’m going to get personal with this post because I want you to see how I walked through it. What you’re about to read is me going through the process in a real-time discovery process. While the numbers aren’t real, the need and the goals are.

One thing to note: In using the Full Cycle Marketing process to help me with my goals, I immediately recognized that my steps need refinement and my model needs optimization. I’ll be posting the revised process next week with some explanation.

Now, let’s get to work on using the Full Cycle Marketing model to set myself up for success.

My 2015 goal is to “increase my personal income.” If you’ve been following this blog for any time, you immediately know that this is not a real goal! And you’re right. However, it is a need and one that I’m going to use to help me define my goal.

Let’s get started…

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