MedResults Pairs with Marketing and Patient Communication Leader!

MedResults Network is proud to announce their new partnership with the leader in marketing and patient communication, Demandforce!  Intuit Demandforce provides a HIPAA compliant marketing solution for all aesthetic practices and will now help MedResults members to communicate with their patients more effectively and efficiently.  By leveraging the data in an existing management system, Demandforce can help assist a practice in the three following areas:

  1. Reputation:  Demandforce not only helps aesthetic providers market their businesses, they improve their online reputation to attract new patients.
  2. Communication:  Want to be more effective and efficient when communicating with your patients?  Demandforce provides the ultimate solution to schedule and send personalized communications to specific segments of your clientele to increase practice revenue.
  3. Automation: Through Demandforce, MedResults members can automate confirmations, reminders, and notifications to save your staff time and alert your patients to maintain consistent engagement.

Over 40,000 businesses use Intuit Demandforce—if you’re not already on your way to success with Demandforce, click here for a demo and an exclusive MedResults Network benefit.

About MedResults

MedResults Network is the largest FREE aesthetic buying group in the USA. Members have access to deep discounts and rebates on thousands of products and services including injectables, skincare, and more!

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