Mystery Shops Tell All: Top 5 Mistakes at Your Front Desk


Since we launched our premier educational and social platform, MedResults Network PLUS, we’ve received tons of requests to perform “Mystery Shops” for our members. As one of the free services we offer to new members, our staff has devoted hours to anonymously calling members and speaking to their front desk employees.

The number one comment from our staff: Everyone forgets that a front desk person is a sales person.

The receptionist who you are paying $12-$15 per hour can be costing you a million dollars in lost sales. Think about it. If your average client is worth $1,000 a year, and there are 250 working days per year, then you need four clients per day to make a million. If you are getting four calls a day and your front desk is reactive like an operator and not PROACTIVE like a salesperson, those are LOST CLIENTS. You’ve invested too much time, money, and energy into building your brand and reputation to lose a sale on the first call!

Give your front desk staff a new skill to work on every month. This is the guaranteed EASIEST way to increase conversions and best investment you can make in your practice.

Here are the top 5 mistakes at the front desk that we’ve experienced:

  1. Not asking about the caller’s history.
    “Have you had ____ before (injections)?” By not asking whether they’ve had the service, you cannot address any of their concerns which may be holding them back from booking.

  2. Not personalizing the conversation.
    Remember to ask your customers name, engage with the prospective paying customer, and ask them their needs and wants. The more you engage with the potential customer, the better chance you’ll have of getting them in the office.

  3. Not credentialing your staff.
    This is a huge mistake! Always credential your staff or whoever is performing your procedures, whether it is an RN, NP, or physician. This type of information will educate your customer and help them understand why they should choose you instead of a competitor.

  4. Forgetting to ask how they heard about you.
    Do you know how you’re making your money? How are you getting new business—you won’t know unless you ask! This simple piece of information is essential to track your marketing efforts.

  5. Not asking open-ended questions.
    Have you answered all their questions? Is there anything else you can help them with? They may be less inclined to book with your practice if you haven’t made a considerable effort to find answers to all of their questions and concerns.


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