Teach Your Patients in the Way they Learn Best: Visually!


Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners. Are you visually communicating with the majority of your potential customers?

There are a wide range of visuals you can provide to your patients including: before and after photos, staff biographies, and educational videos. Before and after photos are the greatest testimonials you can offer a prospective patient. You can preach until you’re blue in the face, but until someone visually sees results with their own eyes they’re unlikely to listen to you.

Staff biographies are another way to visually communicate with customers. If a patient does their due-diligence they’re bound to go to your website to read about the credentials of their future physician, nurse, or esthetician.  If your overall site and staff biographies are not convincing as to what differentiates you from your competition, chances are your prospective patients won’t be convinced!

Consider showing your future patient a brief video of the particular procedure you will be performing on them.  By demonstrating procedures through educational videos, your patient is able to visualize a procedure and understand, in depth, what to expect.

See below the infographic of the marketing power of visual communication.  We can almost guarantee that 65% of you will be convinced!

Click image to see a larger versionThe Power of Visual Communication Infographic



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