MedResults Partners with Serotonin-Plus: Medically-Supervised Weight Loss!


MedResults Network is proud to introduce our newest partner, Dr. Robert Posner and Serotonin-Plus, the best medically-supervised weight loss program in the country: Behavioral modification with a medical “jump-start”.

The 12-week SP Program combines the use of a natural serotonin supplement with weekly visits, a dietary plan based on real food, and the use of an FDA-approved anorectic medication to help your patients increase their health, decrease their dependency on medications, and lose weight responsibly!

Developed by Dr. Robert Posner, a former US Navy Physician and a Diplomate of the American Board of Medicine, the SP Program has proven successful in both men and women. In a study with over 20,000 patients, women lost 30 pounds on average and men lost 40 pounds on average over the 12-week period.

Are you looking for an ancillary revenue stream that is not touched by insurance companies? Serotonin Plus is the perfect addition for your aesthetic practice! In two US Case Studies, practices that implemented the SP Program (managed by Registered Nurses) averaged over $30,000 in monthly SP Program revenue!


To read a full educational brochure about the Serotonin Plus program and how you can integrate this into your business, click here.

For speak with a Serotonin-Plus representative or find out about your benefits through MedResults Network, please contact us at



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