Compounding Laws Have Changed

Read below to find out whether you’re compliant and how to earn additional rebates from MedResults Network.

We recently hired THE leading attorney in compounding legislation.


As we parted ways with Green Valley Medical over two months ago, we have been working diligently to bring you an exact outline of the new laws that went into effect last year and may directly affect how you purchase compounded drugs.

Please CLICK HERE to read our attorney’s opinion letter regarding the legality of our initiative to provide you with rebates on compounded drugs, the new changes in compounding, and the laws you MUST follow in order to remain compliant.  Please note that you are risking your business and your license by disregarding the new laws.

Please remember that if you are not purchasing from an ‘outsourcing facility’, all orders from your pharmacy must be patient-specific (i.e. the pharmacist must compound the drug for individual patients based on a prescription (or a prescription history of an individual or order history of a physician).

We’re also delighted to announce that we are now working with a new partner for all of our compounded pharmaceuticals:  Community Compounding Pharmacy (CCP)!

MedResults Network members can now earn a 10% rebate on all Rx Purchases!

Located in Oregon, Community Compounding Pharmacy can service 28 states nationwide and provides quality compounded pharmaceuticals and excellent service!  As a member of MedResults Network, all members are entitled to a 10% quarterly rebate (issued by MedResults Network) when they use our newest partner, CCP!

For a list of products and pricing: CLICK HERE

To take advantage of your exclusive MedResults Network rebates, place your first order with CCP Pharmacists today!

Suzanne Rosenberg or Aaron Bohn
Call them at: (855) 770-2070
Fax your Rx to: (F) (855) 631-0023

For further information regarding your rebates, please contact us directly at MedResults Network.

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