12 Best Practices to Make Your Practice…The Best!


We recently reviewed a book by John Tredwell, an aesthetic professional and author. The book’s title is “The Aesthetic Market – More Than meets the Eye”. The author outlines how to build a ‘concierge’ aesthetic practice. Following are a few tips from the book that you may not have considered or put into practice.

  • The ‘voice of the practice’ is the main thing that sets your practice apart from all others with a high level of service. This person’s voice must be easily understood and they must possess impeccable manners. If at all possible, assign one and only one person to be ‘the voice’.

  • Tredwell recommends a “bottom of the bottle” guarantee with a full refund if they do not like a product. He contends that a patient cannot tell after a few uses of a product if the product is working. He wants the patient to use the entire contents before deciding whether or not to return it.

  • And we quote:  “I refuse to do the one or two syringe treatment (fillers). I state we do not do small numbers as it is like putting a cup of water in a bathtub full of water-it will not get noticed. Do not be afraid of large volume treatment!  The large volume patient will send you referrals and be your happiest patient because you have done truly transformational work.”

  • When administering fewer syringes, it is important to target one specific area rather than spreading it around the entire face and seeing little results. It is far better to see results in one area.

  • Do not have any magazines or newspapers in the room as you want them to read only information about your services.

  • The doctor should never discuss money with the patient, only the procedures.

  • Every patient should return for a no-cost follow up face check-up in 10 days to 2 weeks after their procedure. Every patient should also leave with a skin care regime. A minimum of cleanser, eye crème and moisturizer is the perfect starter.

  • Never leave the patient alone for an extended period of time.  Someone in the room to keep a conversation going will go a long way in preventing the patient from changing their mind.

  • Hand-written and hand-addressed correspondence is a lost art! No email thank you or form letter should ever be sent. No address labels should ever be used in the practice. Every new patient should receive a hand-written, hand addressed thank you note. Every person attending an event of yours should receive a hand-written hand-addressed thank you note. All notes should include business cards, as well as a call to action. Every person has a birthday and should receive a birthday card with a ‘free’ offer.  Reasons to send patients hand-written notes with a call to action are only limited by your imagination.  Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Spring, Summer, Fall, Holidays, New Year, ‘thanks for being a loyal patient’, ‘thanks for the referrals’, etc.

  • All referrals should be rewarded. Send patients something from outside the practice. I find if I send them a practice related gift that it feels as if strings are attached. “Come spend more money with the practice and we will give you something.” If you send a gift certificate to a local restaurant, it is a genuine gift, no strings attached.

  • For all new patients, always take them on a tour of your facilities.  It is a great way to introduce all of your services as you tour the building.

  • On retail, Tredwell says: “Be sure your retail center is fabulous at all times. Remember retail never calls in sick. Patients are overwhelmed with more than three product choices. Keep it simple and concise. Too many choices confuse even the savviest shopper.

There are many other tips in the book that you will find helpful.  It is available through Amazon and a VERY interesting read.



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