Important Announcement

Green Valley Medical (Compounding Pharmacy) has closed.

We realize that many of you have tried to order from our loyal compounding pharmacy, Green Valley, over the past week.  We are sad to announce that as of last week, they closed their doors.

We are currently in the midst of finalizing an arrangement with another high-quality pharmacy who can provide all of the compounded pharmaceuticals you need.  We expect to announce this new relationship by the end of the month.

In the meantime, we’ve engaged an attorney to develop a thorough report of the recent changes in pharmacy law.  We hope that this will help you to better comply with state and federal pharmacy laws that dictate how you purchase.

Need a temporary pharmacy to fill your needs?  Please call us directly at (562) 296-5655 and we’ll give you a referral.  We thank our members for the overwhelming response we’ve had in regards to replacement pharmacies.  We’ll be connecting with all of these companies to find the best pharmacy(ies) in quality, pricing, and service.

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact me at the number above or email me at


Jamie L. Parrott, MBA
Executive Vice President
MedResults Network


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