Increase your efficiency and earn happy patients with Cryoprobe™ technology!


January 1, 2014- With the turning of the New Year comes NEW discounts, rebates, and benefits for our members. Cryoprobe™, MedResults Network’s newest vendor partner, leads the nation in unparalleled cryotherapy and now offers benefits to members through MedResults membership!


The FDA-cleared, CryoProbe™ is an innovative, efficient and portable cryosurgical device which treats benign skin lesions with pinpoint accuracy using disposable Nitrous Oxide cartridges.  The applicator tips are used to apply the Nitrous oxide spray, and vary in the range of 1mm to 15mm, thereby eliminating any risk of damaging adjacent tissue.  In addition, the ability to pinpoint the treatment size allows for increased accuracy and maximum comfort for the patient.

CryoProbe™ is the only device which has the ability to treat legions at -127°F up to depths of 5mm deep in the skin.  As the coolant is delivered at 725psi, the freezing power of the CryoProbe™ can reach the bottom of a lesion with total control and precision.  Studies show that the device has 90% efficacy in just two treatments during one visit and an overall 85% efficacy in treating plantar warts.  Furthermore, the device is compact, portable, and requires no maintenance!


Your patients will love CryoProbe™ because:

  • Procedures are FAST!

  • No anesthesia required!

  • No Pain or discomfort with treatment!

  • Extra precision and excellent results!

Contact MedResults Network for information on exclusive pricing on Cryoprobe units! In addition, check out the images below!







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